NBC’S HEROES Special Features for DVD and Blu Ray

My Role

Creative Director
Motion Graphics Designer, Animator
Onset Camera

Production Company

The Post Studio


NBC Universal




The Post Studio was contracted to produce special features and sneak peeks for NBC’s sci-fi drama, Heroes.


Heroes fans were rabid for content and expected new stories each time out. The Heroes production schedule ran at breakneck speed. With limited time each season, we had to showcase major set pieces and cover the characters’ evolving stories. Story threads intertwined between the “mothership” of the show, three web series, weekly graphic novels and twitter narratives, making the task of covering the Heroes universe a unique challenge.


Across three seasons The Post Studio produced over 35 featurettes, video commentaries and exclusive sneak peek content for blu ray and DVD. I was involved in 20 pieces in various roles. The Post Studio executive producer, Michael Ruiz, approached each season with an innovative vision to highlight actors, crew and creators. He found the big set pieces showcasing major stunts and effects, and engaged with fans via Twitter to discover the stories that were hot. Some of the fan inspired segments included “Deconstructing Sylar” with Zachary Quinto and various “Genetics of a Scene.” To connect the show’s multi-platform narrative, we produced the “Revolutions” featurette above, showcasing the “new media” scope of the Heroes universe.

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