The New Faces of UMass Dartmouth Season 2 Video & Social Media Campaign

Client:………..The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
My Role:……Campaign Producer, Director, Editor
Services:……Content Strategy, Website Design, Social Media Planning & Execution, Email Campaign, Copywriting, Photography, Graphic Design, Film Production, Motion Graphics, Post Production Management, Editorial & Finishing


“The New Faces of UMass Dartmouth” season 2 campaign is a four-part video series with accompanying social media, email and interactive components. The campaign connects alumni, students and faculty as they share their stories about UMass Dartmouth.


Season 2 had to be delivered to an audience of diverse communities. Specifically, we needed to connect alumni and graduating students as well as, admissions, fundraising and academic departments with each other and the University as a whole.


Working with series creator, Jennifer Raxter Director of Annual Giving at UMass Dartmouth, we reached out to the Public Relations, Admissions and Alumni Offices to launch a multi-platform, social media campaign…


Web Design & Social Media Execution


A microsite called UMass Dartmouth Stories was constructed to release the videos and provide a space for students, alumni and faculty to share their stories.




Alumni, students and faculty sent in photos, written stories and self-produced videos highlighting their departments and student groups.

“User-generated” stories lived right alongside highly produced videos making the website, Facebook and Twitter spaces a source for sharing the University’s narrative.

Video Teasers


Main video episodes were preceded by a :30 second teaser featuring that month’s “New Face” and were followed with impromptu videos expanding the story of that month’s featured individual.


Video release dates were coordinated with each department’s individual campaigns. Student stories premiered alongside Admission’s spring push for enrollment, while alumni videos were released closer to commencement to help the Alumni Office connect graduating students with their new alumni community.

Email Solicitation Support

Having a familiar “Face” in Advancement’s year-end fundraising solicitation was key, so we setup a photo shoot and used that month’s student story in the solicitation email.


The Result

Consistent stories built on each other and activated viewers to engage in the unfolding story of the University.

Individual testimonials helped build bridges of common experience. Video view counts rose with each release and individual departments began to democratize their communications efforts as viewers sent in their stories.

And fundraising activities were aided by stories that created a feeling of urgency for donors to participate in the vibrant University community.

Additional Assets

InfoGraphics for Gathering Departments


Print Advertising for UMass Magazine


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