Pieces of Heaven Feature Documentary

My Role

Co-Producer, Editor

Production Company

Norah Films, Lizarb Productions, Laughing It Up Films


Insights and planning
Creative producing
Post production services


Pieces of Heaven is a feature length documentary about the musical styles, chorinho and samba, in Rio de Janeiro.


Directors Roee Sharon and Sergio Mielnichenko returned from Brazil with eight hours of amazing footage and the beginning of what the film’s story eventually would be. Over the next six months we realized that they needed to return to discover more of its narrative.


Along with filmmaker Nabil Mechi, I worked extensively with the directors as a co-producer and editor, developing the story’s possible angles, writing interview questions and preparing the team for a return trip to Brazil to round out the story. To complete the doc, I remotely directed interviews and segments from Los Angeles with our Brazilian crew in Rio de Janeiro and conducted audio interviews with the two filmmakers which were used as narration throughout the film. The result is a 71 minute musical documentary that explores social realities and the cultural beauty unique to Rio de Janeiro, the Marvilous City, “Cidade Maravilhosa.”

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